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24th District Citizens Take Up the Public Safety Issue

The 24th District, specifically Rogers Park, has seen its fair share of crime and violence. The 2016 Presidential election drew the glare of the national spotlight to crime in Chicago and motivated many residents to mobilize. While recent studies have shown that “carnage” in Chicago is not as severe as President Trump has described it to be, residents have voiced concern over public safety issues.

The Northern State Emergency Association was formed for this purpose; the NSEA is a non-profit organization aimed at fighting crime in the 24th district driven by a force of volunteers. The NSEA collaborates with the Chicago Police Department, business owners, and residents to create a security system that ensures public security. This includes routine drop-ins at stores to show presence, walking the beat in dangerous neighborhoods, acting as first responders, and watching out for suspicious activity.

The group made a recent appearance on Northeastern Illinois University radio station WZRD Chicago 88.3 FM, where they discussed their mission and dedication to serving their communities. Joseph Owsiak, the Associate Director of the NSEA, describes their role as assisting the existing security system. In contrast to the CPD, the NSEA is there to prevent the problems, not just react to them.

The NSEA can be contacted through their Facebook Page:

They are located at 2401 West Morse Chicago, Illinois

Contact Number: (773) 355-0872

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