Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate Daniel Biss

49th Ward Democratic Nominations

Had the opportunity to hear some of the Democratic candidates come to the 49th Ward to stump for their nomination yesterday. While we were not there the entire 4 hours at the 49th Ward Democrats event, we did get to hear a few good presentations from candidates. Here are some of the highlights from the gubernatorial candidates we heard yesterday.

Gubernatorial Candidate Daniel Biss

In his brief intro, Biss came right out talking about how healthcare is a right for everyone. He then transitioned to talking about how this should not be the party for Billionaires, but the working people.

As he said, “I was not planning on running for governor. It is a big political risk.”

However, he believes this is a “unique moment in politics. We have an extraordinary amount of pain. We need to do more than just say no. We need to build a political movement” to improve the lives of people in this state.

When asked by an audience member about the defunding of Ceasefire, Biss responded that the “failure to fund anti-violence is a real moral failing in this state. We pretend we are confused why there is a rise in violence. Of course, there is a rise in violence.” He supports funding for the program since it leads to a reduction in violence.

Another question was in regards to the SB 1970 Financial Transactions Tax. While some have said the tax, which is $1 per contract is excessive. The high taxes could force the Chicago Board of Trade to leave, others like Biss believe that the foundations and institutions established on LaSalle street are too big for them to just up and move. “They don’t want to pay their share.”

Furthermore, he stated, “More money is tied to the financial sector than ever before. If we never access it then we won’t have money for the rest of us.”

Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate Ra Joy

Representing Gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy was his running mate Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate Ra Joy. Joy talked about how he spent his entire adult life fighting to make a difference. A large part of that time he spent working for Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.

Additionally, he was an executive at the Change Illinois coalition to bring automatic voting registration to 1 million new voters across the state.

He also spoke on a personal level about how he lost his eldest son to senseless gun violence on June 8th of last year. He wants to help other parents “avoid that heartache.”

He also believes the “Status Quo failed us miserably. We have a broken system that caused misery for real people everywhere. We have the power to make the system more fair and equal.”

When questioned by the audience about Chris Kennedy’s Pipeline investments in North Dakota and their negative impact on Native Americans, he responded with the following answer.

“This campaign is based on values, not issues. Chris promised to list tax returns and delivered more than what people asked because he believes in openness.”

49th Ward Democrats Results

Biss won the Illinois Governor nomination. Here are the results for the rest of the 49th Ward Democratic candidates who spoke at the event.

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