nickeling and diming of america

The Nickeling and Diming of America

Do you remember when we were free? A time unencumbered by an overwhelming number of bills, fees, and expenses?

Pardon my rant, but it seems like the problem in America today is not that we don’t have a better standard of life. It is the continual bombardment of micro and macro payments that chip away at our hard-won freedom.

They come so fast and furious, the average American does not even see how they are being nickeled and dimed every month.

After all, the $12 Hulu fee gets automatically debited from your account, so you forget that when you work for $15 per hour that is almost an hour every month just to watch TV. I guess that is not a big deal when you consider the enjoyment factor.

Throw in your internet, cable, electric, water, and gas bill month as well. You are talking about another $200 per month. Just to be clear, I am not on a tirade against the water bill. I believe all people should use water to shower every day.

We just need to realize how these payments keep adding up.

The biggest nickel and dime scam in America

I want to start with my biggest beef: healthcare expenses.

For example, my parents both celebrated when they turned 65. It was an opportunity to get off the Affordable Care Act. On ACA, they paid $2000 per month for essential service. That is a two with three zeroes after it.

Fortunately, Medicare reduced their payment by 75%. How is it legal to charge $2000 per month just to have medical coverage before the services.

Personally, I get how horrible the system is. I am on Cobra right now. My coverage next year will be around $600. If I went on the ACA, I would save a whopping $50 per month. That is if I wanted to spend $2,500 out of pocket first in deductibles.

Paying $550 per month to protect myself in case of emergency is extortion. Of course, with prescription prices skyrocketing maybe this is no longer catastrophic coverage.

It brings me back to my original concern. Why is it okay to nickel and dime Americans?

Better idea

My solution would be to start with some of the bigger expenses. If we can finally fix healthcare after a decade of disappointment, maybe we can then turn to other challenges in this country.

After all, a healthier country will have the ability to focus on other options.

Maybe instead of giving the .2% of the GDP needed to lower tax deductions, we could use it fund Affordable Care Act. I know that would upset Trump, but I like the bonus.

Additionally, we should consider preventative care for all Americans. Maybe diabetes would not be as prevalent if this country subsidized wholesome meals as well as medicines. What would happen if every American who made less than $45,567 received a $20 subsidy for a gym? What about getting rid of the tax subsidies for the wealthy and use that money to support this endowment?

How many more people would go to the gym if money was not an objection? How many people could live healthier lives?

Final Thoughts

This country is too good to go down in a tailspin of bills. We need to find a happy medium to the challenges that exist in this country, so everyone could find their American dream.

Otherwise, we are a nation running a rat race to pay the bills.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts to stop the nickeling and diming of America.

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