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Three Cool Things You Can Do in January

The New Years came and went! Hopefully, you are still following your New Years resolution. Maybe it was to be a little bit more active in the New Years? Or get back in shape. It seems like that is everyone’s resolution every year.

Well, if you want to get out or want to find some places where you can get some moderate exercise in January, we have three cool things you can do in January.

Three cool things to do in January


#1 Ice Skating Rink

Get some ice skating done at Millennium Park. Admission is free to everyone, but you do have to pay for skate rentals. However, this is a great family activity for anyone interested in getting on the ice for the first time this winter.

If you are a little more adventurous, you should check out the Maggie Daley Park next door. The rink holds 700 skaters but is a quarter mile circuit track. Race around the track to see how fast you can go. However, with limited space on this rink, you might want to get their late or early to avoid the crowds.

Both are open until March 4 of this year.

Ice rink at the Millennium Park

#2. The Chicago Comedy Sketch Festival

If you want to start the year with an aching side, then you should check the Comedy Sketch Festival running from January 11th-20th at Stage 773 in Lakeview.

An all-festival pass gets a little pricey at $250. However, you can see some individual performances as low as $15 per ticket. The comedy festival could be a great date night or a way to not cry at home about the cold January winter.

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#3. Chicago Restaurant Week

While not necessarily a week, and not necessarily all in January, this is one of the must go to culinary events of the season in Chicago.

The event runs from January 26th to February 8th with over 370 restaurants taking part in the event. Use the restaurant finder to locate the best options in your neighborhood or downtown hotspot.

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Have a Cool January!

Hope you enjoy the cool finds for January. Despite the frigid cold weather, you can still heat up your weekends with some fun activities. Let us know in the comments below which events you attended. What did you think? Were they worth your time? Curious minds (ours) want to know!

Also, let us know if you have a great event to include in February. We are working on the event calendar now. Let us know what must attend Chicago events we should add. Mic drop!

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