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It must be the coldest Chicago day ever…

Somedays in Chicago seems so cold you cannot believe the temperature is real. Today seems like the coldest day in Chicago history. Maybe the coldest day in the history of the planet if you spent more than 10 seconds outside.

Well, in fact! It is not. Despite the enjoyable -2° weather we have out in Chicago today, the coldest day in the history of Chicago was on January 20th, 1985.

It was a cold, wintery day. Oh, wait! Duh! My mind went cold. Ha! Ha! Ha! Pardon the pun! However, it did reach -27° on that fateful day in January 1985. A day they probably cursed about the weather as much as we want to do today.

Even today still does not beat the all-time low for December 27th of -12° set in 1933. However, we are remarkably lower than the all-time high of 61° set in 1982.

We Chicagoans can take solace in one fact though. The suburbs have it worse. Aurora once recorded temperatures of -33° that same day in 1985. Brr!!! Congeville further south in Illinois once recorded a temperature of -36°.

If we want to go a further bit out, we find the coldest recorded temperature ever was at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antartica where the record temperature was -128.6°. Yikes!

I like cold weather, but that is a bit much for even me.

Holy Cow! It is a cold #chicago day! #freezing #0degrees

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I guess at the end of the day it is still not that cold compared to previous days in history. As all mothers would say, “back in my day it was a lot colder.” Plus, I am sure they had to climb a hill, run for the bus, and walk 2 miles or more just to get to school.

Life could be worse…or we could all go on vacation to Acapulco. Ooh! Time to get the speedo. Uh! Just Kidding!

However, you should still bundle up tighter than a snug on a rug. It is fricking cold out there!

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