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Do you want to add writing examples to your portfolio? Do you have something interesting to say about the City of Chicago?

Specifically, do you want to bring up any gripes, thoughts, or ideas about how your neighborhood can be better? What about sharing videos or articles about concerts or events you attended?

What is the Daily77

The Daily77 is your neighborhood soapbox. A place that gives voice to the issues near and dear to your heart.

It is also a place where you can find out the latest events and news happening in the city.

Furthermore, you can use the Daily77 to connect with neighbors and friends in your neighborhood. After all, wouldn’t it be nice if your neighbors felt more like… neighbors. Compared to the sound you hear on the other side of your paper-thin walls.

Additionally, we see Daily77 as a chance to add a bit of democracy to our society. In an age where people think it is okay to shout at the other side (whichever side that may be) and tweet insults, we need a place for real communication.

Yes, we might not always agree with what you say, and you might not always agree with what we say. That is the point of democracy. Everyone can have a voice.

More succinctly in the immortal words of S.G. Tallentyre, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Join us at Daily77

Join Daily77, and get your voice heard with a new local publication in Chicago.

This is a remote opportunity for you to gain some experience. Unfortunately, we do not offer paid positions currently. Instead, we want to work with writers who want a bigger audience for their voice.

Call Bill about this opportunity at (773) 850-0049. Let us know you read this article today.


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